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Little Polar Bear HD

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"… a wonderful experience … has so much to offer in the high quality illustrations, cute story, and added games … will warm the hearts of parents and children alike (review, 4.5 of 5 stars,"... one of the best 5 book-apps for kids!" (review, 5 of 5 stars,
Imagine what it would be like to be carried away to a hot, colorful land when all you have ever seen is snow and ice. This is exactly what happens to Lars, the Little Polar Bear!
Watch Lars come to life before your eyes! Join him on his journey from the freezing polar ice cap to the steaming jungle of a distant island. Jump over icy obstacles, fly with an eagle and swim with a killer whale in three fantastic games which complement the story – there is nothing to stop you diving into this beautiful book.
As Lars’ adventure continues he meets many strange and unexpected creatures. Join him and his friends on the quest to discover a way back to his father. Will he make it? Find out for yourself!
* enjoy 20 fully animated scenes for free * three full games: jump, fly and dive with Lars and his friends * play with snowflakes, make thunder & lightning and hunt for the chameleon * choose narration mode, featuring Colin Solman or read the text yourself * read along to the highlighted words * hear each word pronounced properly simply by touching them – ideal for learning to read! * Perfect for children age 3+